Hire a Small Personal Injury Firm

Why A Small Law Firm Is Better For Your Personal Injury Case

Often times well intentioned individuals will advise people to seek out a big law firm when looking for an attorney. These individuals sadly do not know the true inner workings of a large law firm. I have worked for a firm of over 120 attorneys and know exactly how chaotic the structure of such a work environment can be. Most client interaction is only done by partners who do not actually do much work at all on most of the case. They will only be available for important hearings and deadlines. This leaves many clients frustrated when their case is not made a priority and they have trouble even speaking to an attorney.

On the other hand, I grew up seeing my father run his law practice as a solo practitioner and give all of his attention to each and every client. No task was to small for him to handle. At first I thought this was a strange way to practice law. Why no paralegals? Why no law clerks?

Now I know that the most important thing a lawyer and law firm can do is provide excellent client oriented service. This means a lawyer must be familiar with every aspect of a clients case and be available to speak with them at a moments notice.

As a father and son law firm, located in Sarasota Florida, we handle all of the work on each case by ourselves. We do not make clients call a paralegal to setup an appointment with us. We have no problem taking calls or texts at any time of the day. Maybe this means we need to get more of a life, but fortunately we both enjoy and find meaning from the work we do.

Our goal is to always provide our clients with the type of service that they will tell their friends about. We enjoy our role in society as a group that advocates for people who are often at a severe disadvantage against large insurance companies with deep pockets.


The Harris Team

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Tom Harris, Florida Injury Attorney, has over 39 years of experience, including 17 years of defending insurance companies before reinventing his law practice to represent injured people as a personal injury attorney.

Kyle Harris is a Florida licensed attorney who joined the family practice after starting his career as a licensed attorney in California

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