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Have you been in a truck accident or 18-wheeler accident?

If so you may qualify for compensation. Harris Law Group can help you get the money you deserve for your injuries. Call today for a free consultation. We have experience working with accidents involving trucks and 18-wheelers. Your claim should be handled by experienced professionals who know how to land the largest settlement possible.


How Harris Law Group
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Time is truly of the essence and you should get a personal injury attorney right away. The statute of limitations for a trucking accident case in Florida is two (2) years from the date of accident. 

Make sure that a police officer comes to the scene and documents to accident with a crash report. Also make sure that the driver’s exchange has accurate information. It is critical that you take down the license plate of the vehicle that hit you so that we can make sure all information in the report is accurate.

We only charge a fee if we are successful in recovering compensation for your injuries. Therefore, we have strong incentive to get the best results for you as soon as possible. We charge a contingency fee of 1/3 in standard cases. However, if a lawsuit is filed that number goes up.

We have experience settling high value trucking claims and have the expertise to guide you through the process.

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Trucking accident cases can be more complex than a standard automobile collision. Often times, the policies on a commercial vehicle are much higher than what a typical individual would posses on their own car. Therefore, companies have much more resources at stake in these types of claims and will often times fight much more aggressively to ensure that the minimum amount if paid out.

Don’t All Trucks Have Coverage?

They should. However, there are many fly by night and shady companies that might used legal loopholes or other asset protection strategies to go without insurance. This leaves the public in severe danger because these types of vehicles can result in much more serious types of injuries.

How Could a Lawyer Help Me?

Tom and Kyle take the time to throughly investigate all types of coverages that might be available to compensate you for your injuries. This often involves getting the insurance policy directly from the insurance company and analyzing the law to see if coverage is applicable.

Won’t The Insurance Company Tell Me if Coverage Applies?

Sometimes. However, we have seen several cases where these companies deny coverage when it should be available. When that happens an attorney needs to file a Declaratory Judgment Action in the correct Court to have a judge decide on whether coverage applies.

What Situations Could Coverage Be an Issue?

One type of situation is when the company fails to list a driver or vehicle on their commercial insurance policy. This will result in the insurance company denying the obligation to defense the party that hit you in Court. What this means for you is that you will be out of luck if the trucking company that hit you does not have any assets to satisfy your claim. Often times, these can be small companies that will declare bankruptcy if you get a judgment and leave you will no practical resource of ever getting a recovery.

What Happens Then?

We will explore whether or not policy exceptions like an MSC-90 could apply to your situation. An MSC-90 is an endorsement to a commercial insurance policy that requires that insurance company to provide $750,000 in coverage if the underlying policy is found to be void. 

This is critical because now you would have a source of recovery. Other statutory mechanisms could also exist at the state level to find coverage. 

“As a former insurance defense attorney, I was the one who recommended to insurance companies how many zeros to put after “1” when the insurance companies paid settlements to injured people.”

– Tom Harris

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Tom Harris, Florida Injury Attorney, has over 39 years of experience, including 17 years of defending insurance companies before reinventing his law practice to represent injured people as a personal injury attorney.

Kyle Harris is a Florida licensed attorney who joined the family practice after starting his career as a licensed attorney in California

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