Top 3 Things You Should Look at When Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

Choosing a personal injury attorney can be a difficult process. There are tons of personal injury firms out there and finding the one that is best for you is important. This article will discuss three primary factors that should be on your mind when picking an attorney. Make sure you to choose the right attorney and read below.

1. Do They Have A Good Reputation?

Unfortunately, not all law firms have the client’s best interest at heart. That is why it is imperative that you do your homework on a law firm before signing a retainer with that attorney.

For example, some firms operate on a sheer volume approach that seeks to maximize the number of clients and profits to the firm. These firms are referred to as “settlement mills” in the legal realm and can be devastating to clients for getting the compensation they deserve. A settlement mill might take a lower amount from an insurance company in order to turn a quick profit, knowing that another more important client will come along soon.

The first thing we advise potential clients is to read our Google Reviews carefully. The number of our reviews alone is not enough to prove we are good attorneys.

Neither is our 4.9-star rating. What actually matters is the content of those reviews. We always ask clients to at least spend 10-20 minutes reading what our former clients actually had to say about our work. We know that as a small boutique practice, we can not survive against larger firms without providing superior service and attention to detail.

Therefore, please make sure to look at the actual content and time and energy that former clients put into their reviews. Just because a firm has hundreds of five-star reviews could mean that they simply push for reviews harder and use methods to entice clients to leave a review they might not deserve. You be the judge!

2. Do They Have Real Experience?

Browsing the web, it looks like every attorney is the most experienced attorney in the U.S. I see countless adds that saynational reputation or top super lawyer.” Who cares about a national reputation when an attorney will be working on a local level, dealing with real people and real everyday problems? What actually matters is whether or not the attorney you are looking to hire actually has a proven track record of success in the personal injury field.

At Harris Law Group our lead attorney, Tom Harris, defended insurance companies for over twenty years before deciding to use that experience to help injured victims. Now he is able to utilize the inside knowledge he gained working for insurance companies to hold them accountable to his clients. Insurance companies know that they can not push around Harris Law Group because we are an established name in the industry with over millions recovered for our clients.

Think carefully about whether or not your attorney actually has the common everyday sense to get you top value and just compensation for your accident.

3. Will Your Case Actually be handled by an Attorney?

One complaint I hear on a regular basis is that it was impossible to get in touch with the attorney that was handling an individual’s case. This is one of our greatest assets at Harris Law Group.

We have streamlined the process to eliminate the need of paralegals and low-level associates who lack real expertise on the value and process for monitoring a personal injury case. When you call Harris Law Group you will get an attorney on the phone who will take the time to talk to you and not rush you off the phone.

It is not uncommon for us to deal with clients who are shocked to see us pick up a call at 10:45 at night on a weekday and spend over an hour on a call discussing the legal aspects of a personal injury claim. We love to get to know our clients on a personal level and think that working as a team with our clients is always the best approach.

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Tom Harris, Florida Injury Attorney, has over 39 years of experience, including 17 years of defending insurance companies before reinventing his law practice to represent injured people as a personal injury attorney.

Kyle Harris is a Florida licensed attorney who joined the family practice after starting his career as a licensed attorney in California

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