What To Expect in Your Personal Injury Claim

Common Issues in a Personal Injury Claim

This article provides a general overview of a personal injury claim. Each area will be expanded upon in future articles. Please contact us right away if you believe you might have claim. We hope you find the information below useful.

Selecting an Attorney 

First, you should never take the decision to hire an attorney lightly. Make sure to do your homework and find out whether or not the lawyer that will handle your case has the proper experience and knowledge to get maximum compensation for your injuries. There are many attorneys that might not want to put in the work required to get maximum value. One important way to protect yourself from an unsavory attorney is to look through recent reviews of that particular attorney. Make sure the reviews seem genuine and are not cookie cutter responses that offer little to now value. At Harris Law Group we strive to maintain our high google rating and have maintained a 4.9-star rating over a several year period.

Should I Go to The Hospital For My Personal Injury Case?

Next, another common question we see is whether or not to go to the hospital. A hospital visit can be both beneficial and harmful to your case. Often times medical reports done at the hospital can be done sloppily based on the sheer volume of patients that walk into the door. The doctors often are overworked and do not have enough time to accurately diagnosis every serious injury. Thus, not going to the hospital after an accident does not in any way prove that you were not seriously injured. You should still consult an attorney for a free evaluation of your case.

What if the Other Driver Flees the Scene or Doesn’t Have Insurance?

Every driver carries different amounts of insurance coverage. Some individuals carry large coverages in excess of a million dollars. Others have no coverage at all. In fact, one in every five drivers in the state of Florida does not carry driver’s insurance. We will be able to determine he exact amount of coverage of the other driver by speaking with the at fault driver’s insurance on your behalf.

Note: it is important to know that every driver in the state of Florida has Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance for up to $10,000 that is allocated to each driver regardless of fault. This $10,000 however will not go very far if you suffer serious injuries. Surgery for example, can often cost more than six figures.

Is there Uninsured Motorist?

Another big issue is whether or not Uninsured Motorist coverage is present. Uninsured Motorist provide an extra layer of coverage for accident victims. We recommend that all of our clients obtain uninsured motorist insurance in case of future accidents. This type of coverage is invaluable to an accident victim because it serves as protection against other citizens with little to no insurance.

Personal Injury Medical Treatment

Next, once we have determined whether or not adequate coverage exists for you to receive medical attention for your injuries the next phase of your case will take place. During this stage you will see medical professionals who will recommend treatment for your injuries and seek to get you back to normal. There are many types of medical professionals that can aid in your recovery. These include medical doctors, chiropractors or physical therapists.

Settlement Process Overview

At the end of the case once the medical treatment phase has concluded we will seek to settle your case. You should always make sure you are fully recovered both physically and emotionally before settling your case because it protects you from taking less than you deserve from an insurance company.

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