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Motorcycle Accident
$1.55 Million

Settlement For Traumatic Accident In Downtown Sarasota

Initial Offer $50,000
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Truck Accident

Settlement For I-75 Trucking Accident

Initial Offer $125,000
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Auto Accident

Lawsuit Filed in 12th Circuit Court With (3) Years of Litigation

Initial Offer $140,000
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Trip and Fall

Trip and Fall At Apartment Complex With Client Suffering Tibia and Fibula fracture

Initial Offer $40,000
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More Verdicts + Settlements

Settlement AmountInitial OfferMaximum AvailableDate of CrashDate of SettlemntType of InjuriesLength of Case
$1,550,00$50,000Bodily Injury – 300k Limits +
2 million Umbrella Polic
12/20/20 2010/04/21Open Book Pelvic Fracture, Neck, Back, Wrist, HeadLess than 1 year
$700,000Tender of Max $250,000 in Bodily Injury Limits.
At Fault Party offered to sell a few cars as initial offer.
Bodily Injury Maximu m $250,000
Obtained $450,000 ABOVE POLICY LIMITS by going after personal assets of at fault party in out of court mediatio n
12/15/22MVA – Leg Amputatio n Above the KneeLess than 1 Year
$525,000Prior Attorney Fired – No offer Yet received when we took over case$525,00012/09/216/29/22Back Surgery – Cervical Discectomy1 Year – Client fired former
$10,000 Bodily Injury Limits.
$275,000 – Uninsured Motorist
N/A: Tender of $10,000 Bodily Injury Limits.
Initial offer: $15,000– Uninsured Motorist
$10,000 Bodily Injury
1/13/202009/21/22Motor Vehicle Crash – Neck, Back, Foot2-3 years
$20,000$3,000$20,00007/05/20 211/6/2022Neck, BackLess than 1 year
$54,950$30,900$100,00005/27/211/6/2022Neck, BackLess than 1 year
$150,000$57,5001 million07/30/212/10/2022Neck, BackLess than 1 year
$75,000$55,00$500,00007/30/212/10/2022Neck, BackLess than 1 year
$135,000$40,000$500,00008/12/212/27/22Neck, BackLess than 1 year
$60,000$50,000$100,0001/14/223/21/22Neck, BackLess than 1 year
$100,000N/A: Tender of Limits$100,00004/16/2103/05/22Neck, Back11 Month
$135,000$42,000$500,00008/12/213/16/22Neck, Back7 Months
$15,000N/A: Tender of Limits – MAX RECOVERED$15,00010/01/213/17/22Wrist5 Months
$50,000 (Motorcycle)N/A: Tender of Limits$50,00011/20/2105/06/22Broken Rib, Wrist, Back, Neck6 Months
$55,000$25,0001 Million06/04/2103/15/22Back9 Months
$50,000N/A: Tender of Limits$50,00002/03/2204/18/22Neck, Back2 Months
$15,000$5,390$25,00008/29/2104/25/22Wrist Injury, Lower Back, Broken Rib8 Months
$50,000N/A: Policy Limits Obtained$50,0001/14/202205/10/22Neck, Back4 Months
$100,000N/A Policy Limits Obtained$100,00004/16/2104/27/22Neck, Back1 Year
$55,000$42,500$100,0003/27/226/27/22Back3 Months
$35,000$35,000$35,00003/12/226/27/22Neck + Back3 Months
$115,000N/A: Tender of Limits Available$115,00011/15/216/28/227 Months
$30,000$25,000$100,00010/30/226/29/22Hit in Bucket Work Truck8 Months
$175,000$9,000$1,000,0003/19/1908/03/213 Years
$100,000N/A: Tender of Limits$100,00010/30/228/05/22Hit in Bucket Work Truck10 Months
$40,000N/A: Tender of Limits$40,00007/07/229/21/22Motor Vehicle Accident2 Months
$15,000$4,859$25,00008/29/2110/18/22Motorcycle: Wrist Injury1 year 2 months
$135,000$50,000$250,00011/29/2110/18/22MVA11 Months
$100,000N/A Tender of Limits$100,00004/04/2210/3/22MVA6 Months
$150,000Tender of $50,00 Bodily Injury Limits
10,000 initial offer for UM
$50,000 Bodily Injury
$250,000 Uninsure d Motorist
12/14/2110/12/22MVA10 Months
$70,000N/A Tender of Max Bodily Injury. (20,000/25,0 00 Uninsured Motorist).$50,000 Bodily Injury
$25,000 Uninsure d Motorist
07/22/2210/21/22Moped Crash – Hospitaliz ed: Wrist, Neck, Back3 Months
$100,000N/A: Tender of Max Limits$100,00007/21/2212/15/22MVA: Neck + Back5 Months
$100,000N/A: Tender of Max Limits$100,00007/05/2212/15/22MVA5 Months

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