Make Sure You Have This Type of Coverage

Make Sure You Get Uninsured Motorist!

One of the most important issues in a personal injury case is what kinds of coverage are available to clients to recover. After signing a retainer, we will write to the insurance company to request the records of policy limits of the other driver to see what money is available to compensate for medical injuries.

We see clients all the time who suffer serious injuries that are hit by someone with low insurance coverage or no coverage at all.  This means that the client is left without a means of getting proper medical treatment to address their injuries.

This problem could easily be prevented by electing to take out uninsured motorist when purchasing an insurance policy. Uninsured motorist is a type of coverage that is used to protect a driver if another driver that hit them has inadequate coverage. The agent selling you the policy often will not fully explain how important this type of coverage is. For some reason, they often will briefly mention this type of coverage or set you up at a low level of uninsured motorist coverage that will not help much.

We encourage our clients to take out at least $100,000/$300,000 in uninsured motorist. The first $100,000 is to protect the individual driver themselves. The larger $300,000 figure applies if other passengers are in the car or if the driver elects to take out a stacked policy. A stacked policy would allow the driver to recover $100,000 for each vehicle on their policy.

The cost for this policy usually adds about $15 per month to an individual’s coverage. This amount of coverage will allow individuals to drive worry free in the event that they are hit by a driver with low insurance limits.


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