Protect Yourself From A Sarasota Roundabout Car Accident


The city of Sarasota seems to love roundabouts. In fact, the city of Sarasota has installed eight single-lane roundabouts in downtown Sarasota in just the last decade. The City Commission and a whole generation of traffic and engineering professionals believe these creations can help to improve traffic flow as our city population continues to expand rapidly. However, it is important to be familiar with roundabout rules to avoid a potential accident. Some key rules to remember are below:

  • It is recommended to slow down to at least 15 mph when approaching a roundabout.
  • Pick your lane
  • Always yield to traffic from the left before merging into your lane.
  • Enter the roundabout
  • ALWAYS exit and yield to pedestrians

What About Pedestrians?

The cross walks are in frequent use and require pedestrians to press a button to cross. Red lights will then begin to flash for traffic to stop and allow the pedestrians to cross before continuing use of the roundabout. Please do not assume however that vehicles will stop. It is best to make sure that each approaching vehicle has come to a complete stop before proceeding to cross the crosswalk.

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Other Interesting Facts About Roundabouts

Although the city of Sarasota has become enthralled with theses types of traffic devices, other countries have begun to eliminate them and transition back to traditional traffic lights. That is because there are studies that show roundabouts are more dangerous to bicycle riders and pedestrians than traditional traffic light stops. For more information see this article Guardian article about the UK replacing roundabouts with traffic light stops. 


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